<FQ:fq_in_kHz>             Sets the transceiver frequency
<ZFQ:fq_in_kHz>           Set the transceiver zero-beat frequency
<JUMPTOTXFQ>            RX frequency jumps to TX frequency
<ALIGN:fq_in_Hz>          Aligns on the specified audio frequency
<AUDIOFQ:fq_in_Hz>     Sets the audio frequency
<BOOKMARK>               Toggles the Bookmark on/off
<BMERASE>                 Clears all marks on this frequency
<CATCMD:text_command>           Sends the text command to the transceiver
<CATCMDDDE:text_command>     Sends text via DDE
<CATCMDHEX:hex_command>      Sends the hex command to the transceiver
<CATDISABLEVFOSYNC>             Disable VFO sync
<CATENABLEVFOSYNC>              Enable auto VFO B to A
<CATVFOSYNCONCE:2xxxxx>     Set VFOB to xxxxx khz.
<CATTRANSVERTER:(+/-)shift_in_hz>     Allows working with different Transverters
<CATVFOSYNCSHIFT:shift>                   Set VFO sync value
<CATWAIT:ms>                                  CAT delay in ms
<SPSHIFT:fq_in_Hz>                  Sets the spectrum or waterfall shift
<SPZOOM:n>                           Set the spectrum or waterfall zoom (0.5, 1, 2, 3, 4 are available)
<MEMW:n>                              Save certain settings to memory number n (1 – 20)
<MEMR:n>                               Restore settings from memory number n